domingo, 7 de enero de 2018

PLANET EARTH 4th course

And don´t forget to enjoy learning using games, these are some good websites:

                                                                               by Marimí

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  1. The videos were very interesting,this is a fun way to learn.

    Ainhoa 4ºA

  2. The videos were very funny and very interesting.Thank you very much Marimi.

  3. Lucía Martin-Blas14 de enero de 2018, 12:17

    What is the 0 parallel?
    What is the 0 meridian?
    Why Earth is called The Blue Planet?

  4. Is Spain in the Warm Zone?
    Do parallels represent latitude or longitude?

    Clara Cantó 4ºB

  5. Seth Pérez
    How meridians are measured?
    How parallels are measured?
    Whats Is
    What is the the parallel 0?

  6. Blanca Espinosa 17 de enero del 2018
    1-What is the Huble space telescopefeet long?and wide?
    2-Who is Edwich Hubble?
    3-How long did it take the Hubble space telescope to go arround the earth?